ONE  Voice can make a difference…

History has shown, innovation and success  in life and business are created by diverse minds , which hold the ability to show mutual respect  while disagreeing, this is called Leadership.

Morris County is a wonderfully diverse community that has the opportunity to show the rest of New Jersey  , community is more important than politics.

Family , friends , neighbors , local business,  our environment , our economy can benefit from creating a bipartisan team to lead the county forward and I believe that starts with me.

Accountability / Transparency :

   Constituents Right to know :

  • Meetings Live Streamed

  • Avoid Conflict of Interest: Proper Disclosure of affiliations with institutions doing business within the county and municipalities, along with direct family members


  • Smart, conservative budgeting is needed to enable tax saving for constituents without cutting county services

Balance Budget, doesn’t always mean money well spent:

  • Fiscal Responsibility

  • Community Focused

  • Support Community Advancement Programs

  • Environment Efficiencies

  • Business Growth and Development

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