“It is time to get Peoples’ Interest at the Freeholder Table. How do you do that? First, elect a Freeholder candidate that is not a part of the status quo! Morris County in its politics is like a stale cake devoid of ideas and going nowhere.

The last sentence above included a smile, but the reality is that county is not moving up in creating jobs, a clean environment, assuring affordable housing, jobs on highways for job seekers and job keepers to leave on long commutes. The best claim to fame in Morris County is taking prisoners from another county. The real need of the county is to keep jobs in the county and create new ones to keep vitality and economic strength in motion.

This year a bright and visionary candidate is not only on the horizon, but she is on the ballot, as noted above.  Let us get a new visionary Cary Amaro elected with a majority of the entire body politic- Democrats, Independents and Republicans.

I suggest all take a look at Cary Amaro. This is not a time for powerlessness, but a time of action. Cary Amaro is the people’s choice and mine! Vote Cary Amaro for Morris County Freeholder!”

- Bill Weightman, Facebook

“ The Democratic Committee of Chester voted unanimously to endorse Cary Amaro for Freeholder!

   We look forward to working hard to get her elected!!”

- Stacy Ann Miller, Facebook

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